iDT Labs’ Best of 2017

  The new year is upon us and we are full of excitement and energy for the months ahead. As we prepare to dive into fresh projects and make new connections, we want to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and the fulfilling experiences we have had. Here are our top 10 moments from
West Africans generally associate free open source software, which is easily available to use and modify, as being inferior to commercial alternatives. This is a consequence of both their lack of understanding of the open source model of software development and a general consensus that if free software is usually of little or no value.
With a population of 6.6 million inhabitants, Sierra Leone is the sixth least populated country among the 16 countries comprising the West African region. Out of these 6.6 million, about 3 million Sierra Leoneans can be qualified as the working-age population. One would think that with almost fifty percent of the population eligible for employment,