Bridging the financial inclusion divide one mobile phone at a time


Nearly 87% of Sierra Leoneans are unbanked. This segment consists largely of agricultural workers, the youth, women and marginalised communities. Due to irregular incomes and the lack of accessible financial services, they are in the most danger of suffering in the event of an unforeseen hardship, which makes it difficult for them to rise up from their poverty in the long term and it was this factor that played a big part in solving the challenge of paying 30,000 ebola response workers at the height of the Ebola Crisis.

On the bright side, about 95% of the country has mobile phone access, and it was this factor that played a big part in solving the Ebola Crisis. Despite several challenges, including underdeveloped infrastructure and lack of awareness, it was the leveraging of mobile wallets by iDT Labs which ensured that all Ebola Response Workers were paid on time and were prevented from going on strike.

If a mobile payments system can be deployed so successfully to help resolve an epidemic crisis, imagine the potential of mobile wallets and related financial technologies to support the everyday activities and livelihoods of the unbanked in the country.



Unbanked Sierra Leoneans


Mobile Network Coverage


Saved in Ebola Crisis


Our work in the financial technology space is based on the vision of Financial Inclusion 2.0, the drive to use digital and mobile services to deliver financial services to the unbanked in West Africa’s.

To realize our goal however, several key infrastructural challenges have to be overcome for which we are currently focusing on sustainably developing these key pillars of the ecosystem:

Core Banking As A Service

  • An Apache Finteract based multi-tenant cloud banking solution that allows Microfinance institutions and community banks to focus on their customers and on expanding their services rather than being bogged down by the intricacies of managing complex software systems.

Digital Payments as a Service

  • An Open API, real time Mobile Payment Gateway and Aggregator that makes participating in digital commerce accessible to integrators and innovators.

Credit Lookup as a Service

  • Using financial transaction history, social graphs, mobile re-charge history and other big-data we generate scores of the credit worthiness of consumers which can be accessed by financial service providers and fintechs to incorporate into their products.

Digital Identification as a Service

  • A biometric identification and verification service that traditional financial services and fintechs can leverage to easily and securely identify their clients in a region where identification schemes only cover about 15% of the population.


We helped establish the Fintech Association to connect all Fintech players in the country, to work with the government to create ease in policy for Fintech adoption and to become the main platform for Fintech advocacy.