West Africans generally associate free open source software, which is easily available to use and modify, as being inferior to commercial alternatives. This is a consequence of both their lack of understanding of the open source model of software development and a general consensus that if free software is usually of little or no value.
How iDT Labs incubated civic tech organization Code for Sierra Leone is working to help journalists catch-up with modern reporting techniques. This article originally appeared on Code for Africa Medium channel. It’s fair to say that in Sierra Leone, the availability of modern digital tools and platforms to gather and report news is still a major

Slack and the African startup

Slack and the African startup: How we abandoned emails to embrace a faster way to communicate Mahrukh Murtaza, Lead of Communications Design at iDT Labs, explores why the company let go of emails and adopted Slack as their team communication platform It’s been 4 months since I have been working as a remote consultant for