We collaborate with the country’s change makers to bring about sustained positive impact in Sierra Leone and beyond

At iDT Labs we believe in supporting and engaging with the community we are a part of by lending our technical expertise as well as providing material and logistical support. The two major initiatives which we support are Code4Salone and The Sierra Leone Fintech Association (SL FinTech).

Code for Sierra Leone uses data to give citizens hyper-local and hyper-personal information to make better informed decisions about bread & butter issues. Code for Sierra Leone also builds technology tools to amplify citizen voices.

The Sierra Leone FinTech Association (SL FinTech) is a network of Financial Technology (FinTech) providers and practitioners who recognize the financial sector's need for a FinTech Ecosystem through which common issues and concerns can be discussed and addressed.



Memba-O is a web based portal that reports the voting and attendance records of parliamentarians in Sierra Leone. The project focuses on improving the relationship between parliamentarians and their local constituency through engendering civic discourse, transparency and accountability.


How do you know how many water and sanitation points are available in your city? As a web based portal, M-WASH maps out the water and sanitation points across Freetown. In addition to mapping out water sanitation points, the platform allows communities to report the status of their water and sanitation points via SMS service.

Sierra Leone Open Government Fellowship

The Sierra Leone Open Government Fellowship engages change makers to use a repository of skills, tools and resources needed to assist arm of government to become more open and accountable with its citizens.